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Application and manufacturing method of bulletproof glass

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Update time : 2022-11-22 14:00:00

Bulletproof glass has good transmittance, image transmittance, anti - smash performance and better bulletproof ability. Therefore, bulletproof glass is widely used in financial counters, such as bank counters, securities company counters, insurance company counters and a series of higher security places; Residential glass is mainly villa, KTV, etc.; The window of the observation room, bulletproof glass of the sentry box, etc.; And bulletproof glass for the military.

Different uses of bulletproof glass can withstand the attack of different levels of equipment, so how to make bulletproof glass, roughly summarizes the following simple steps:

The first step is to clean and dry the glass substrates that have been cut to a good size. After drying, the substrates are pushed to the dustproof chamber for processing. According to the panel glass substrate →PVB film → back glass substrate these three sequence, after the correct superposition, with special materials to seal around. The middle of the PVB film can also be changed into SGP film, EVA film, etc.

The second step is to place the laminated glass on the flat press for pre-pressing. The purpose of pre-pressing is to force out the air in the middle of the glass without any residual air. After preloading, evenly inject dibutyl phthalate into the reserved gap in the glass before, check that there is no air, and seal.
The third step is to push the laminated glass that has been injected with dibutyl phthalate into the autoclave, wait until the temperature reaches a certain height, keep for 2 hours and then cool down, and the bulletproof glass is successfully made.

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