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Can fire resistant glass be used in machine rooms to improve safety?

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Update time : 2022-11-23 10:00:00

At present, the selection of fire resistant glass as partition in the machine room is a high quality solution. In modern times, big data is regarded as an important resource. For large enterprises, data is the heart of the enterprise and occupies a core position in the development of enterprises. The database of the computer room is the place where the data is stored. To ensure the security of the computer room, the security of the data is protected to a certain extent. To protect the machine room from the hardware, it is necessary to carry out strict requirements on the design and construction of the machine room decoration and partition. And the superior performance of fire resistant glass just meet these requirements.

At present, fire resistant glass series products are diverse, can reach different fire time limits, for the machine room generally choose fire time 90min or 120min fireproof glass partition.

The role of fire resistant glass partition:

1. Fire resistance, is one of its main functions. The partition system is composed of metal frame, fire resistant glass, fireproof rubber strip and so on. The fire resistance time can be up to 1 hour.

2. Function partition, can facilitate the management of the machine room. For large data centers, a high-rise building is full of host servers, glass partition transparent bright, convenient for administrators to observe and record.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, keep the temperature of the machine room stable, so that the server can run normally.

4. High reuse rate, fire resistant glass partition can be easily disassembled, can be replaced at any time doors and Windows, solid modules, partition position, etc., after the removal of the partition damage is small, greatly reducing the maintenance costs of the room. Partition materials are green environmental protection building materials, long service life.
5. Fire resistant glass partition is a customized whole, easy to install, the internal structure can also be easily laid cable, do not need to hit the wall embedded line.

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