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Application of dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-12-01 11:00:00

Dimming glass is a transparent glass with electricity and sanding without power, which plays a key role in the liquid crystal film. The liquid crystal film is placed in the middle of two layers of glass. After high temperature and high pressure bonding, the complete dimming glass is obtained.

Application area (by function) :

1. Privacy protection: the main function of dimming glass is the privacy protection function, you can control the transparent and opaque state of glass dimming glass at any time, so as to achieve the privacy protection function;

2. Projection function: Because of the characteristics of dimming glass liquid crystal film interlayer, dimming glass can also be used as a projection screen, can replace the traditional curtain, in the case of appropriate light, projection imaging effect is very clear and outstanding.

3. Environmental protection characteristics: dimming glass in the middle of the dimming film and film can heat insulation and can block more than 99% of the ultraviolet and more than 98% of the infrared. And can shield part of the infrared to reduce heat radiation and transfer.

Application area (by environment) :

1. Conference room, office: dimming glass can be used in the office as an intelligent partition system. In the office environment, if the dimming glass, you can according to the demand to control the glass partition, can choose opaque, protect privacy, can choose transparent, so as to achieve a transparent environment.

2. Residential: can be used in the residential sun room and balcony or indoor partition; In the case of the sun room and the balcony, you can freely choose to keep the lighting, or block the sun; In the use of partition, you can expand the sense of space in the room.
3. Banks, jewelry stores, museums, etc. : Dimming glass can be used in front of various counters to enable privacy protection when needed. In case of emergency, privacy protection can be turned on instantly, thus making criminals lose their targets and ensuring personal safety to a certain extent.

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