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Application range of curved heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-12-01 16:00:00

Heat bending glass is also called curved glass, curved glass. Hot bending glass is a curved glass made by heating and softening ordinary glass according to different needs. With the development of hot-bending glass processing technology, the product quality is gradually improved and the application scope is more and more wide.

Application of heat bending glass:

1. Fish tank. In life, we common heat bending glass is the fish tank, fish tank shapes, sizes, beautiful shape. Fish tank can be placed at home or office area, and add a few smart goldfish, will give the area to add a few smart and angry. Of course, the fish tank can also be customized according to the needs of the manufacturer.

2. Coffee table. The modern aesthetic is more and more high, the decoration is also more and more demanding, the pursuit of more beautiful shape. The coffee table made of heat bending glass is self-contained, with smooth lines and no edges and corners. Compared with the sharp corners of ordinary furniture, it can effectively avoid the bump.

3. Sightseeing elevator. The sightseeing elevator is a dazzling design. Sitting on the elevator, you can observe the visual enjoyment brought by the elevator lifting through the glass, which is the heat bending glass.

4. Building daylighting. As a building daylighting roof, hot-curved glass can not only save energy, but also create a wider architectural space. In museums or libraries, it can bring people a more majestic visual feeling.

5. Arched corridors. The arched corridor made of heat bending glass can not only be a beautiful landscape of the city,  for peoples to play, but also cost is not high, but also can shelter from wind and rain.

6. Glass curtain wall. The glass curtain wall composed of heat bending glass can create smooth line space and transparent visual effect. At the same time as a partition, can also play the effect of separating the area.
7. Other decorative supplies. There are many uses of heat bending glass, but also can make glass counters, glass ornaments and so on.

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