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Application of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-03-21 11:00:00

Where is laminated glass mainly used? Laminated glass is widely used in the construction industry, doors and Windows, as well as cars and so on. And it's much less likely to break than traditional glass. Because it's stronger, it's also less likely to crack than traditional glass. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor building projects.

Other applications of laminated glass include automotive windshields and window panes. It is also used for structural glazing of glass floors, skylights and roofs, and curtain walls. Its strength and flexibility make it ideal for overhead glass and excellent sound insulation. For these reasons, it is becoming more and more popular in many industries. In fact, laminated glass is used in more airports, hotels, airplanes and recording studios.

The use of shape memory alloy cables provides a novel adaptive control system for laminated glass roof panels when designing glass panels for buildings. The effects of general wind pressure and temperature on the structural efficiency of the adaptive control system are studied through a case study. The results of this study show that the combination of shape memory alloy cable and adaptive control system improves the structural performance of traditional laminated glass roofing panels.

Another important characteristic of laminated glass is its ability to resist the impact of drops. In the event of a break, the intermediate layer acts as a support for the glass. This property reduces the glass's ability to penetrate openings. Its resistance to penetration depends on the thickness of the glass and the type of sandwich chosen.
The many other advantages of laminated glass make it an ideal material for a variety of architectural applications. In addition to its safety and strength, it offers aesthetic and functional advantages. Its ability to prevent break-ins and debris makes it an excellent choice for high-security areas. In addition, it can also be used for bulletproof glass, which can add security to the national site and protect the safety of life. Laminated glass can optionally be used for doors, railings and solariums of buildings.

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