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Selection of thick glass cutting tools

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Update time : 2023-03-21 16:00:00

What kind of glass knife is used for thick glass? You will find that many glass knives are made for different types of slices, and some have specific functions that are best for thick glass slices. Here are some tips for cutting thick glass slices with a glass knife.

Diamond knives are more durable and sharper than traditional glass knives. These knives are usually made by hand or with special machinery. Diamond-coated versions are more durable than traditional glass knives and are only used when performance is critical. However, some laboratories still use glass knives to cut thick glass. They are much cheaper than diamond knives, and are commonly used to cut sample blocks near the sample being examined.

The ultra-thin microtome uses special blades to cut thick glass. These knives are very sharp and made of special glass. They are usually made of glass strips. Compared to standard cutting tools, diamond blades are more expensive but produce more uniform ultra-thin slices. Often, the color of the surface of the section will give you an idea of its thickness. Using a microscope, the edges of the glass can be seen by backlighting.

Tempered glass is safer than plain plate glass because it is stronger. When broken, it breaks into small pieces and does not break into dangerous pieces. Toughened cut glass features a grid pattern that allows you to cut directly without creating debris. It does not absorb heat, and it has an ultra-smooth, low-porosity surface that prevents hot glass from dulling the knife.
There are special glass knives for thick glass, and the cutting tools used by different kinds of glass are also different. Only with the right tools, can the glass be cut better and faster.

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