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Application of tin groove linear motor in float glass kiln

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Update time : 2022-12-12 14:00:00

Float glass tin tank requires a good controllable performance, so that the operator can easily and flexibly regulate the parameters in the tin tank and the motion state of glass and liquid tin. Tin groove linear motor is a special equipment for controlling the motion state of liquid tin.

Linear motor is a kind of electric power which can convert electric energy directly into linear mechanical energy. When the three-phase winding of a linear motor passes alternating current, the "traveling wave magnetic field" is generated. The conductor located in the "traveling wave magnetic field" induces current by cutting the magnetic field line, and the electromagnetic force is generated by the interaction between the current and the magnetic field. In the tin tank, the electromagnetic force drives the tin liquid movement, and the direction and speed of the tin liquid flow can be easily controlled by adjusting the parameters of the motor.

The linear motor body and the variable pressure system are installed on the supporting trolley, the whole can move, the height can also be adjusted. When in use, the head of the linear motor extends into the tin groove from the operating hole, adjust the height of the motor according to the technological requirements, and seal the operating hole.

Application technology is the key to use linear motor well. Due to the complexity and correlation of float glass technology, any kind of equipment can not be used in isolation, linear motor is no exception, must be based on different glass varieties and different factory operating habits to develop the application scheme and operating parameters, in order to maximize the role of the equipment. In short, suppliers must not only be able to manufacture linear motors, but also must master their application technology in different conditions. For reasons of technical confidentiality, only a general overview of the application is described below, with little reference to specific process parameters.
The function of linear motor is mainly summarized as follows: (1) improve the surface quality of thin float glass, improve the thickness difference. (2) Stable thick glass molding quality. (3) Stabilize the glass belt to prevent the edge pulling machine from pulling off the edge. (4) Transfer electric heating heat, homogenization temperature. (5) Reduce transverse temperature difference, favorable for good annealing. (6) Reduce the backflow of tin liquid cold flow. (7) Prevent tin liquid from overflowing at the outlet. (8) Remove tin ash.

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