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On the selection of coated glass

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Update time : 2022-12-12 16:00:00

There are many kinds of coated glass, different grades, and the performance index brings difficulties to the selection of engineering directly.The emergence of magnetron sputtering coating technology has brought revolutionary changes to the film technology and made the industrial production of functional film products possible. The application of film technology in the field of building materials makes new coated glass with specific functions emerge constantly.
Although coated glass is not a pure exterior decoration material, it is generally used in the most prominent place of the building. With the modern building more and more high, the window, curtain wall area is more and more large, the coated glass energy saving requirements are more and more prominent. Therefore, for a given building, in the face of various types and grades, and poor visualized performance of coated glass, how to make the selection of decoration and energy saving effect, is the first problem that architectural designers encounter.
The main problems to be considered in the selection of coated glass
The selection of coated glass is actually a comprehensive selection process. Usually after the physicochemical properties of the film meet the requirements, the main problems are considered color, mechanical properties and optical and thermal properties.
The choice of coated glass color is the choice of decorative effect. This is an issue related to architectural aesthetics, which is generally decided by architectural aesthetics experts according to the function, shape, exterior materials, surrounding environment and location of the building. But not a swarm of bees, what popular color, choose what color. The more popular it is, the more out of date it is. Therefore, the "personality" expression of the building should be considered in the selection, and the advice of experts in architectural aesthetics should be sought in this regard.

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