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Automatic door access control system designed by dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-11 11:00:00

For a company, the image of the front door and the front desk is the initial impression left by the company to the customers. High-tech access control system, magnificent front desk design will naturally add a lot of extra points for the company's image. Our common access control system has flat glass doors, automatic glass doors and so on. With the development of dimming glass application, on the basis of not changing the design scheme of access control system, toughened glass doors can be directly replaced with dimming glass, convenient and fast, to create a high-end access control system.

The working mode of dimming glass access control system: according to the actual demand, the transparency of dimming glass automatic door can be freely controlled. During working hours, the dimming glass can be adjusted to the transparent state, inside and outside transparent, which can be convenient for employees, but also convenient for visiting customers to find the address. After work, the dimming glass power supply can be turned off, and the glass door can be instantly converted into a glass curtain wall. It is impossible to see the interior outside the glass door, which can protect the property of the company and protect privacy.

The difference between dimming glass automatic door and ordinary glass door is that the transparency is controllable, and the key role is dimming film and control power supply. Before the dimming glass automatic door installation, we should arrange the line in advance. This is different from the way normal glass doors are installed. Dimming glass automatic door can be combined with access control system, the two systems can be integrated, the transparency of the dimming glass power control, fingerprint machine and automatic door cooperation with the ordinary automatic door access control system used the same procedure, the work mode does not interfere with each other, but also can reduce the maintenance cost.

The invention and use of dimming glass make work, life and business more easy and convenient. I believe that with the development of science and technology and architectural design, the application field and way of dimming glass will be more diversified and artistic.

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