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Material composition and appearance requirements of fire resistant glass smoke baffle wall

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Update time : 2022-11-10 16:00:00

Fire resistant glass plays a very important role in building construction and has excellent fireproof ability. As one of the fire prevention products, the smoke wall plays a self-evident role, production and demand in recent years are gradually increasing.

There are many types of smoke baffle, which can be classified in different ways. The smoke baffle baffle can be divided into fixed smoke baffle baffle and movable smoke baffle baffle according to the installation mode. According to the stiffness performance of smoke blocking material, it can be divided into flexible smoke blocking wall and rigid smoke blocking wall. Different regional fire protection requirements and architectural design have different demands on the smoke retaining wall.

As a necessary fire-fighting material for buildings, the smoke retaining wall has strict requirements: the smoke retaining wall is made of non-combustible materials. The thickness of the non-combustible composite plate used in the smoke baffle wall should be greater than or equal to 10mm. The main part of the smoke retaining wall is glass, which must be fire resistant glass, and the function requirements fully meet the requirements. The tensile breaking strength of inorganic fiber fabric used in the manufacture of smoke baffle vertical wall should be greater than or equal to 600N and not less than 300N in latitude.

Appearance requirements of fire resistant glass smoke baffle wall: The processed smoke baffle wall is equipped with a long-term use of signs, and its own identification is clear, fixed and safe. There should be no cracks, pressure pits, missing corners, holes, obvious bumps, burrs and other defects on the surface of the smoke retaining components on the vertical wall of the smoke retaining. The antirust coating of metal materials used is uniform, no spot stripping, flowing phenomenon.

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