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Bulletproof glass technology application scenarios

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Update time : 2022-12-02 16:00:00

With unbalanced economic development and increasing social instability, special facilities are needed in special places. Bulletproof glass is indispensable for banks, securities, insurance and other special places. Different places have different requirements for the performance of bulletproof glass.

Bulletproof glass is actually a kind of special laminated glass, which can not be penetrated and damaged after being shot by the bullet at high speed and high pressure. The factors affecting the performance of bulletproof glass include the type of structural material, thickness, number of layers, processing method, size, installation method and type of warhead. Different scenes, also need different bulletproof glass.

One-way defense technology: one-way performance glass

One-way defense technology by adjusting the mechanical properties of the two surfaces of the glass to achieve a hundredfold difference in strength, so as to achieve an ideal state of internal escape channel or counter channel. What can be described is the visual scene: a high grade bulletproof vehicle under live frontal fire, the inside of the security guard directly into the bulletproof windscreen of the attacker, the attacker was shot down. The super front retainer, which is both bulletproof and retractable, is a typical product of one-way and retractable bullet-proof technology.

Reprisable bulletproof glass can make the glass inside and outside the two sides of the penetration strength difference of one hundred times, effectively resist such as A47 level of high strength invasion at the same time, but also can complete the counterattack.

Unidirectional ripostable bulletproof glass recognizes single sheet form, through the outer surface ion replacement hardening, the inner surface coated with high strength nano glue and adhesion PET multi-layered safety film plastic glass composite structure, in a piece of glass to achieve high strength protection and effective return.

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