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Development prospect of dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-12-02 11:00:00

According to the development of the new market industry and technology, as well as the current development trend of building glass, dimming glass will be more widely used, and dimming glass with the advantages of architectural beauty, energy saving and environmental protection will affect the development trend of the glass market.

Dimming glass advantages and characteristics:

1. Controllable transparency and privacy protection

The dimming glass can be controlled by the switch on the transparency of the glass, important meetings, important matters and other time according to the demand to protect your privacy.

2. Effective anti-noise, isolation interference

The dimming film and film used in the middle of the dimming glass can effectively block the outside noise, and the anti-noise effect is better than that of ordinary glass. 3, warm in winter and cool in summer heat insulation and sun protection

Dimming glass in the middle of the dimming film and film, can block more than 98% of the UV and more than 90% of the infrared.

4. Various regulation and control are customized according to demand

The control mode of intelligent dimming glass can be customized according to your different preferences, such as remote control, wall switch, light sense, voice control, mobile phone APP, etc. In addition, an FM transformer can be selected to provide gradual control over the dimming glass.

5. Multi-touch interactive projection

In the right light conditions, the use of HD projector back to the intelligent dimming glass, imaging effect is outstanding, and can achieve multi-touch control, but also can enjoy playing games, watching movies, goodbye to the original curtain.

6. Tempered glass safety explosion-proof

The film in the middle of the glass, like a safety net, is not easy to appear glass fragments, splash wounding.

Development opportunities for dimming glass
Not only that, architectural decoration projects are also developing rapidly, and the demand for glass partition in new buildings is also increasing. With the continuous maturity of dimming glass technology, manufacturers control the cost on the basis of the maturity of technology, and the cost performance is gradually improved. Therefore, the appeal of dimming glass to users is gradually strengthened.

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