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Causes of scratches on the surface of coated glass

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Update time : 2022-12-14 10:00:00

Coated glass surface and other hard material relative sliding or friction caused by linear or banded scars for scratches or bruises, mainly for scratches or scratches where the glass transmittance increases, or film surface shedding transparent. Most of its forms are irregular curved thin strips or ribbons.

Scratches or bruises are often produced in the construction and installation of the use, mainly include:

1. Production: due to the reasons of equipment or post-cleaning, there is the possibility of glass scratches in production, but the scratches are generally regular and linear, which can be controlled and tested out. In addition, the handling and packing of the coated glass in the production process may also cause scratches, and the original film itself may also have scratches. But objectively speaking, large coated glass is directly online with the loading machine loading, generally is impossible to cause scratches, and the enhanced coated glass is directly after packing, film surface generally will not contact other hard objects, so usually there will be no scratches or bruises.

2. Cutting reasons: such as cutting ruler or tape in the glass film surface drag; Because there are sand or glass chips on the glass film surface, wipe the process caused by the glass film surface abrasion; The coating surface is cut down or the last piece of each box is placed in the opposite direction, which causes scratches caused by friction between the glass film surface and other objects.

3. Stacking and storage: after unpacking or cutting the glass is not stacked according to the requirements, there is no pad between the pieces of any liner, resulting in direct contact between the glass, due to the sand or glass chips, etc., in the process of handling or transportation caused by scratches or bruises.

4. Installation and cleaning: scratches or abrasions caused by hard objects caused by human causes during gluing or installation; In the cleaning of the use of unclean or hard wipe, or coated glass film surface with cement mortar and other pollutants, and the use of incorrect cleaning methods.

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