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Causes of thermal stress rupture of coated glass

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Update time : 2022-12-14 14:00:00

Rupture mainly refers to the fracture phenomenon after the glass on the window and the wall due to cutting or installation and use. In addition to the rupture caused by artificial impact and other reasons during installation and use, we generally call the rupture of the coated glass after installation and use the thermal stress rupture of the coated glass.

Because there are some optical differences between coated glass and ordinary transparent glass, there are more strict requirements on installation and use. The main reasons for the possible thermal stress rupture are:

1. In the design: coated glass thermal cracking design is an important factor in the architectural design must be seriously considered. In addition to considering the direction of the building, indoor and outdoor shielding effect, climatic conditions, the selected glass to the solar radiation energy absorption size and other factors, the choice of glass, such as reinforced coated glass or ordinary coated glass is also a very important factor.

2. In the aspect of glass installation: for example, the glass must keep a certain distance from the metal frame or other metal objects during the installation process. It is strictly prohibited for the glass corners to directly contact the metal frame in any direction or keep the gap too small, but not to directly put the glass on the metal frame. Due to the endothermic effect of coated glass and expansion, it will inevitably lead to the glass rupture. In addition, due to the uneven installation of glass, bending deformation will occur, although it may not immediately lead to bending fracture, but due to the influence of various thermal stress factors, it greatly increases the probability of thermal stress fracture of glass.

3. The cutting quality of the glass: the cutting quality of the glass edge is very important, it is an important reason affecting the glass fracture. If the cutting quality is not good, there is an uneven border bump, neither edge nor Angle at the edge of the glass or there is a dark wound. When the glass is heated and expanded, due to the effect of internal stress, it is easy to crack at the point where the edge has cutting defects.

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