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Characteristics and advantages of embossed glass

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Update time : 2022-10-27 10:00:00

Embossed glass is a kind of flat glass with light transmission and no perspective. Embossed glass has a good ornamental effect. Although the surface of embossed glass has a strong three-dimensional sense of the pattern, the surface of embossed glass has a variety of squares, dots, diamonds, strips and other patterns, which are very beautiful, so it also has a good art decoration effect.

Embossed glass is opaque and has the function of shading. Embossed glass surface pressure has a variety of patterns of different depths, because the surface is uneven, so the light through the generation of diffuse, so from the glass side to see the other side of the object, the image is blurred, the formation of this glass light does not perspective characteristics.

The physical and chemical properties of flower glass and ordinary transparent flat glass are basically the same. It only has the characteristics of light transmission and opacity in the optics, can soften the light, and has the function of protecting private screen and certain decorative effect. Embossed glass is suitable for indoor space of buildings, bathroom doors and windows, and all kinds of occasions where light is needed and sight is blocked.

Embossed glass is energy saving and environmental protection. The surface pattern of embossed glass is made by pressing the pattern roller shaft directly during glass production, so there is no need for post-processing, which is more energy saving and environmental protection.

Embossed glass has good ornamental value and the development of glass embossing technology is very mature. Manufacturers can produce all kinds of embossed patterns, such as rain flower, wood grain and so on. It can be installed in the home to achieve a good decorative effect. There are many styles of embossed glass, there is always a suitable choice for you.

Embossed glass has all kinds of patterns, but it's very beautiful, but it also has some problems. 3D embossing makes the glass surface uneven, and dust and dirt from life may be retained in the embossing gaps. Therefore, the Windows and doors decorated with embossed glass are easy to get dirty, and users need to clean the embossed glass regularly.

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