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Composition and design of exterior breathing glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2022-10-28 10:00:00

The whole exterior breathing glass curtain wall system is composed of inner curtain wall, outer curtain wall, ventilation channel of the building, louver curtain curtain, grating, connecting piece system, inner and outer curtain wall pendant, lightning protection system and other links. Among them, the ventilation duct of the curtain wall system uses natural ventilation. At the same time, effective waterproof and insect control measures should be taken outside the ventilation duct, such as the use of waterproof louvers outside the ventilation duct. In the system of jointed parts, the three dimensional adjustable structure is generally used.

In the lightning protection design, the external breathing glass curtain wall system mostly adopts the closed ring lightning protection structure, and the main structure of the building is connected with each other. Finally, in the glass curtain wall between layers and surrounding to take careful fire design, generally in the design and construction process using galvanized sheet plus fire retardant rock wool as interlayer sealing.

Structural design of external breathing glass curtain wall: In the design process of external breathing glass curtain wall, the inner curtain wall is generally double tempered hollow Low-E broken heat frame curtain wall, and the outer curtain wall is composed of laminated glass frame curtain wall. During the structural design, the vertical keel of the glass curtain wall of the building should be concealed scientifically and reasonably. Generally, it will be hidden behind the glass by clever design means and form an elliptic arc shape.

Thermal insulation and noise reduction design of external breathing glass curtain wall: In the engineering of external respiration type glass curtain wall system design process, sets the air layer to the buffer, in the inner layer of glass curtain wall design, using heat type material and insulating glass, and the strict sealing strip, thus has very good heat preservation performance, greatly reduces the heat loss and loss, at the same time, also has the very good sound insulation performance, In the design process, the sound insulation performance can reach Ⅱ level.

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