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Control mode and application of dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-12-02 14:00:00

1. Control mode of intelligent dimming glass.

Intelligent dimming glass can be controlled by a variety of ways, electronic control, temperature control, light control, pressure control and other ways to achieve the transparent and opaque state of the glass switch. Commonly used is remote control and APP control. If the dimming glass area is large, the dimming glass transformation control can be achieved by remote control.

2. The application of intelligent dimming glass.

With the development of the industry, intelligent dimming glass is also gradually used in various industries, the development speed is rapid.

(1) Personal residence.

Now, people's living standards improve, want more rich material and spiritual enjoyment, dimming glass as a new star in the home improvement industry, is sought after by people. Can not only show off the decoration style to friends and family, but also create a good living space, comfortable.

(2) Business applications.

The projection curtain works. Dimming glass is also called the "intelligent glass projection screen", that is, the transparent state can display the background decoration picture, or as the glass wall of the meeting room; In the opaque state, the imaging curtain can be replaced (projector back projection), and the image is clear, breaking the monopoly situation of the traditional cement wall, and realizing multiple functions.

Office area, meeting room, monitoring room partition. The monitoring room, conference room, business negotiation and other office areas can be adjusted according to the need to become transparent and opaque. When needed, as long as you gently press the remote control, the whole area can be completely blurred from the surrounding eyes.

(3) Hospitals, museums, libraries and other places.
Recommended for use in shopping malls, banks, jewelry stores and museums, exhibition hall window, counter bulletproof glass and display case glass, normal business application to maintain a transparent state, once in emergency, can be remotely controlled by APP, instant fuzzy state, so that criminals lose the target, can protect personal and property safety.

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