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The difference between composite fire resistant glass and monolithic fireproof glass

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Update time : 2022-12-02 10:00:00

In the early stage of fire resistant glass, due to the limitation of production materials and structural characteristics, most of the fireproof glass has the following shortcomings: low light transmittance, thickness and heavy weight. Especially the aging of the organic materials of fireproof glass causes its poor durability, which needs to be replaced regularly.

In recent years, single piece of cesium potassium fire resistant glass with its excellent comprehensive performance and moderate price has been rapidly popularized, providing a new means to enrich architectural creation under the premise of ensuring fire safety for architectural design, which is conducive to creating a more light and transparent architectural image and a wide vision of the space effect. With the improvement of technology, composite fire resistant glass also has its advantages.

The difference between composite fire resistant glass and monolithic fireproof glass:

1. Different production processes

Monolithic fire resistant glass is a kind of monolithic fireproof glass. In a certain period of time to maintain fire integrity, block the open flame and toxic and harmful gases on the facing surface, but does not have the effect of temperature insulation. The production process of traditional composite fireproof glass generally adopts grouting method, and the formula containing water glass is used in the expansion flame retardant binder between three or more pieces of glass. When it meets high temperature expansion and foaming, the formation of a very thick fire insulation layer becomes opaque and plays the role of fire insulation.

2. Fire resistance time is different

Single piece of fire resistant glass fire time in 30-90 minutes. Composite fireproof glass has a refractory time of 60-90 minutes.

3. Different places of use

Monolithic fire resistant glass application scope: building room, passage of fireproof doors and Windows and fire partition and important parts of the fire partition wall.

Composite fire resistant glass not only has fire insulation performance, but also has excellent sound insulation effect. Can be machined into arc. 

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