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Dimming glass installation instruction manual

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Update time : 2022-11-07 14:00:00

Dimming glass is usually used for office, shower room, sun room and other partition, processing factory is a large plate glass, large weight, transportation and installation will usually consume a lot of manpower; Especially when the dimming glass installation to the correct wiring is more important, if the connection or voltage is not appropriate, it will cause the glass electrode burn out.

Dimming glass installation process:

1. Dimming glass is safely transported

When the dimming glass leaves the factory, the specific situation of the project site should be investigated: whether there is an elevator, whether the glass can be intact in and out of the elevator, and how to place the glass in the elevator (Note: dimming glass should be placed vertically). Whether the stairs can be used if there is no elevator; If neither is possible, consider cranes or other means.

2. Dimming glass is officially installed

Before the dimming glass installation, confirm whether the frame around the building has been customized, and the glass can be installed only after it is firmly checked.

After confirmation, drill φ15mm~φ20mm into the center of the square groove of the frame and half of the width of the glass to the top grid. If there are multiple pieces of glass, the operation is carried out in accordance with the above method. The dimming glass is embedded in the groove around 2cm.

Dimming glass should be installed a piece of fixed, fixed the upper and lower left and right block, block and the middle of the glass wall contact with the rubber strip. The clearance between dimming glasses is 3mm, keep consistent, connect each glass power cord to the power control box.

3. Power commissioning of dimming glass

According to the second method, after the glass installation is complete, check the gap and stability of each glass block and then seal. After sealing, install and fix the power controller in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Power on each glass after the power test, and then the overall debugging.

4. Glass cleaning

After commissioning, the details will be processed, the site and around the glass will be cleaned and the defects will be repaired to maintain a good construction site.

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