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Distinguish bulletproof glass bulletproof performance

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Update time : 2022-11-07 10:00:00

Bulletproof glass is an essential defense facility for banks, public prosecutors, insurance and finance companies, and can resist invasion in the face of violence; It is used for processing equipment in high-danger plant, which can greatly reduce the harm caused by dangerous work.

The use effect of bulletproof glass is related to its thickness, processing materials, production technology, size and other factors. Analysis of influencing factors of bulletproof glass:

1. Thickness factor: The thickness of bulletproof glass is not equal to the number of layers, the thickness is related to the thickness of a single piece of glass and the number of layers, generally speaking, the greater the thickness of the better bulletproof ability.

2. The number of layers factor: The number of bulletproof glass layers refers to the number of adhesive layers. The adhesive layer is usually PVB film, SGP film and so on. The role of glued layer in bulletproof glass is mainly to improve the toughness of the machine to absorb the energy of reloading. The greater the number of adhesive layers, the stronger the toughness, the stronger the energy absorption, the more resistant to powerful attacks.

3. Combination mode: bulletproof glass production process is combination mode. The same thickness of bulletproof glass production process can be varied, can use thick glass, less adhesive layer; Can also use the same material of thin original, multi - adhesive layer, etc. Therefore, different processing methods also affect the performance of bulletproof glass.

4. Material factors: bulletproof glass material mainly refers to the processed substrate. The properties of bulletproof glass made of different substrates are different. On the market according to different materials made of bulletproof glass are: inorganic glass made of all inorganic bulletproof glass; Organic/inorganic composite bulletproof glass; All inorganic film bulletproof glass, etc.

5. Size factor: the prestress of ordinary glass varies with the size of different panels. For bulletproof glass has the same role, the larger the panel, the greater the impact of the glass, the overall bulletproof performance is reduced. The size decision is based on scientific calculations of thickness, materials, and places of use.

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