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Electrically heated glass problem detection and daily cleaning and maintenance

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Update time : 2022-11-08 14:00:00

Electrically heated glass mainly plays a role in the surface of the conductive layer and electrode, if these two parts are damaged, the performance of electric heating glass will gradually reduce, daily standard care and inspection work is essential, if the electrically heated glass can not work in the process of use, can be checked from the following aspects:

1. External problems of electrically heated glass

Check whether the electric heating glass power supply is normally connected, whether there is a gap in the glass side, etc.

2. The electrically heated glass itself

Check whether the resistance and thermal conductivity wire installed on the glass surface is damaged; Check whether there is water inside the glass, and then further check whether the surrounding glass glue is intact, and whether the hollow rubber strip is scratched; Whether the electrode is working properly. If you can not find out the problem of electric heating glass after checking the above items, you can directly contact the manufacturer.

Good maintenance can make the electrically heated glass has a longer working life, the following introduces several electric heating glass maintenance methods:

1. The electrically heated glass is suitable for working between the temperature of -4OC℃~80℃, maintain a good external working environment can reduce the influence of the environment on the glass working parameters, protect the internal heat conduction wire is not damaged.

2. Avoid exposing the electrode for a long time in the use of electrically heated glass, which will reduce the service life of the product. Neutral glass glue or aluminum frame should be used to seal tightly.

3. Clean the electrically heated glass to avoid using acid and alkaline detergent, try not to clean the electrode with wet water, to avoid the glass internal water.

4. electrically heated glass to avoid collision with other hard objects, to avoid causing scratches to the glass glue, affecting the use of glass.

5. Clean the glass with soft cloth, do not use paper or newspaper and other hard objects to wipe, will erase the glass surface film, affect the uniform production of electrically heated glass heat.

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