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Factors affecting the surface of optical glass and repair methods

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Update time : 2022-12-08 10:00:00

Optical glass is mainly used for optical ultraviolet optical lens, optical lens, high temperature insulation, optical forming and so on. According to the wavelength, optical ultraviolet is divided into: near ultraviolet UV-A wavelength 320NM-400NM (nanometer) ultraviolet light, UV-B: wavelength 280NM-320NM ultraviolet light and UV-C: 200NM-280NM ultraviolet light. Both UV-A, UV-B and UV-C can cause varying degrees of damage to people's eyes. The factors affecting the surface of optical glass and the repair methods are as follows:

1. Factors affecting the surface of optical glass

(1) The surface of the grinding tool is not good and needs to be repaired.

(2) The concentration of the fine grinding coolant is low or the use time is too long, and the mixed glass is too much.

(3) The size of the glass in milling is not good.

(4) Pellet damage or leakage of glue.

2. Method of repairing mold of optical glass lens

If the lens face is high, the grinder on the upper ----- is a small swing, the grinder on the lower ------ is a large swing.

If the lens face type is low, the grinder on the upper ----- is large swing, the grinder on the lower ------ small swing.
The above content introduces the repair method of UV transparent optical lens surface profile accuracy. And optical glass also has its own particularity, which can not be replaced by other materials. It also has very low thermal conductivity and very low heat conduction capacity, excellent thermal vibration resistance, high deformation temperature and softening temperature. There is also very low dielectric loss and optical transmittance across an extremely wide spectrum from UV to infrared. The optical glass has played an extremely important role in modern industry and high-tech fields.

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