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Quartz glass for optics coating before cleaning methods and processing drawings commonly used symbols

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Update time : 2022-12-08 14:00:00

Quartz glass for optics is a kind of high purity special industrial technology glass containing silica (SiO2) single component. The main pollutants of quartz glass for optics cleaning before coating are core oil (also known as edge grinding oil, core, also known as core, core, refers to the process selected in order to get the specified radius and core accuracy), handprints, dust, etc. Because the coating process is very strict to the cleanliness of the lens, so the choice of cleaning agent is very important. In considering the cleaning capacity of a cleaning agent, but also consider his corrosion and other aspects of the problem.

The cleaning of quartz glass for optics before coating is generally in the same way as that after grinding, which is divided into solvent cleaning and semi-water-based cleaning.

Common symbols and terms for optical quartz glass processing drawings are described as follows:


Aperture number symbol. Represents the number of interference fringes (commonly known as apertures) generated when the curvature radius of the part surface under test is different from that of the standard surface of the sample.


Aperture local error symbol, representing the local error of the surface shape.


Symbol for accuracy class of template. That is, the deviation symbol of the actual value of the sample radius of curvature from the nominal value.

B (P)

Symbol of surface defects in optical parts, also known as finish. The roughness of the working surface of optical parts is generally required to reach R1= 0.025μm, and the old standard is V14. On this basis, it is also necessary to limit the existence of bright silk, scratches and pitting on the surface, which should be separated from the concept of finish in machining.

C (X)

The symbol of lens eccentricity difference, also known as the symbol of lens center deviation. It is expressed by the deviation of the spherical center of the lens surface from the lens positioning axis.


The minaret is insignia. Represents the angular error of the reflecting prism.


Parallel difference sign. The degree of non-parallelism between two surfaces of a glass plate.


Double Angle difference symbol of roof prism. The degree of biaberration caused by the deviation of the ridge Angle of a prism.

There are some other quartz glass for optics processing drawings, not a list of symbols.

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