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How to design the glass strength of hollow glass equipment

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Update time : 2023-01-05 18:00:00

The main factors affecting the quality of hollow glass are the selection of raw materials and manufacturing technology. The quality and service life of insulating glass will be affected by the quality of raw materials. At present, there are mainly three kinds of hollow glass: trough aluminum type single channel seal, trough aluminum type double channel seal, composite sealing rubber strip type insulating glass. Because of its poor sealing performance, easy to enter moisture, resulting in glass condensation, frost, short service life, has been gradually eliminated.

After the glass material is given, such as ordinary plate glass or toughened glass, the breaking strength of the original glass piece is determined according to the glass strength design theory. As the glass produced by the hollow glass machine is composed of two (or more) pieces of glass, the surrounding seal forms a sealed air layer. When the surface glass is subjected to the load, the stressed surface glass deforms and compresses the hollow layer gas, and the gas pressure increases, transmitting part of the load to the other side glass. Therefore, under the condition of gas seal, Hollow glass is two pieces of glass jointly bear the load, two pieces of glass deformation at the same time.

Hollow glass is two or more layers of plate glass filled with desiccant aluminum frame with butyl wave and polysulfide adhesive. Should avoid the use of ordinary plate glass, ordinary plate glass transparency and strength are not up to the requirements. The glass original must meet the requirements of the corresponding standards, and can be used only after passing the inspection.
Different batches of glass from different manufacturers should be checked for color difference before cutting, and the glass with large color difference should be used in different projects or different building facades. The glass cutting size should be strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, while the operator should pay attention to the surface of the glass, no scratches, bubbles and other obvious defects.

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