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How to improve the application efficiency of float glass

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Update time : 2022-12-28 10:00:00

How to improve the application efficiency of float glass, experienced enterprises are based on years of production practice summed up the glass production of "four stable" - raw material stability, fuel stability, melting stability, forming stability, which all put the raw material stability as the basis.

Do a good job in the quality control of raw materials into the factory, the process department to strengthen the processing technology guidance and quality inspection of mine points, especially for key minerals such as sandstone, dolomite, feldspar, from the raw material processing, mining, selection, processing, storage and other links should be strictly checked and controlled, to ensure the quality standards of raw materials. At present, the transportation cost of raw materials is gradually increasing, and some transportation costs are higher than the cost of raw materials themselves. If the quality of raw materials is not controlled in the mine, but after the raw materials into the factory to control, for the raw materials that do not meet the standards after inspection, such as through concessions received after use in production, will cause instability in glass production, affecting the output and quality of float glass.

By measuring the uniformity of raw materials, it is found that the composition of a batch of materials is not uniform, and some technological measures can be taken to adjust it before use. It is very important to check and measure the content of refractory heavy minerals and impurities in improving the quality of float glass and stabilizing the production of glass. As heavy minerals are difficult to melt completely in the process of glass melting, they are left on the original glass plate and form solid inclusions.

Water fluctuation of float glass raw material is a prominent problem in the production of mixture, especially the water content of sandstone raw material is large, the fluctuation is also large, causing a great impact on the quality of the mixture. The most effective way is to take measures on the mine or in the factory to reduce the water content of sandstone to below 5%. Experience has proved that after the water content of sandstone is reduced to below 5%, the water fluctuation in weighing is very small, and the production stability is greatly improved.

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