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How to install electrically heated glass better

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Update time : 2023-04-03 09:41:31

The following aspects should be paid attention to when installing electrically heated glass:

1. Before installation of electrically heated glass, we should first check the size, corners, quality and other problems of each piece of glass to see if there is damage and scratch, quantity does not meet.

2. Check whether the edge sealant on the four sides of each piece of glass is complete. The purpose of using edge sealant is to prevent the glass glue from eroding the inside of the glass, but also to protect the inside of the glass from being affected by moisture and external temperature.

3. Keep the frame clean and clear of residue or other hard objects to avoid quality problems caused by these problems.

4. Gaskets of standard width and thickness are cut on the electrically heated glass window frame according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Gaskets can be made of rubber, wood and other materials, which can play a waterproof or air-proof role when used in corners or connecting parts.

5. Install the glass according to the line that has been laid out, and remove the protective film after the installation.

6. Do not tear off the supplier label at will, and install in strict accordance with the installation instructions or drawings.

7. When installing the outer frame of the electrically heated glass, keep the site clean. The electrically heated glass manufacturer says that if there is welding spark, it should not touch the glass surface, and prevent the glass from being scratched by hard objects, so as to avoid construction mistakes that affect the function of the glass.
8. After installation, non-acid glass glue should be used to fix the joint immediately, in order to stabilize the glass and do a good job of edge sealing gas treatment.

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