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How does electrically heated glass work

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Update time : 2023-04-06 09:42:55

Electrically heated glass manufacturers said that electric heating glass to anti-fog is mainly to heat the temperature to the ambient temperature above in order to better solve the fog steam formed on the glass surface. So we need to understand the working temperature of the use environment. If the temperature is too high to form glass fog, then we need to adjust not only the rated temperature of the electric heating glass, but also the distance between the glass or the design scheme.

If it is formed by water vapor condensation, it is necessary to use self-cleaning glass rather than electric heating glass can solve the thing. Electrically heated glass manufacturers said that because there are many reasons for the formation of fog, condensation of the glass surface atomization also need to understand the temperature of the environment, the internal humidity and temperature are high, the outdoor temperature is low, it is easy to form glass surface atomization under natural conditions, in this case, it is necessary to keep the electrically heated glass surface temperature continuous or intermittent work to achieve no fog on the glass surface.
Electrically heated glass anti-icing principle: electric heating glass manufacturers say there are many kinds of icing conditions, need to understand the actual situation in order to better judge how to use electrically heated glass. The icing formed in the external environment must be formed by rain or other large particles of water, and there is a situation that the fog is formed in the face of colder air, so different circumstances need to be considered. In summary, in the state of icing, internal heating should be adopted as far as possible to avoid direct contact between glass and water (such as sandwich structure and hollow structure). The direct temperature can make the ice on the glass surface reach the melting point and volatilize, which can ensure that the glass surface is not troubled by icing.

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