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Laminated fire resistant glass easy to exist problems and solutions

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Update time : 2022-11-21 14:00:00

Laminated fire resistant glass is a kind of widely used glass. If laminated glass is used in interior decoration, it will have the effect of ordinary frosted glass. For example, when used for kitchen doors, kitchen fumes tend to accumulate on frosted glass when cooking, while laminated glass does not have this effect. For families with children, laminated glass has a high safety factor, even after broken there will be no residue falling, to protect the safety of children.

Laminated fire resistant glass is a kind of laminated glass. It has the advantages of ordinary laminated glass, but also has its own characteristics: smoke proof fire resistance. The production of laminated fireproof glass is the same as laminated glass, which is obtained by sandwiching different laminated glass in the middle of two or multiple layers.

Things always have two sides, on the one hand, laminated fire resistant glass has safety, and laminated fireproof glass will also appear bubbles, degumming, broken, air penetration and other shortcomings, the following are some solutions to the above problems:

1. Bubbles appear. Fire resistant glass to choose high quality original film, film moisture to dry to the specified standard range, in the dry state to maintain the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius; Laminated fireproof glass should be stored in a dry place; Control preloading pressure and temperature properly.

2. To solve the degumming. In the process of processing, the selection of high-quality original, before the glass and film rolling to be cleaned and dried; In the prepressing, control the temperature, so that the glass to achieve uniform heating effect.

3. Air penetration. The reason for air penetration is that the edge has not reached the standard. If the edge temperature is increased, the effect can be achieved by using edge sealing agent and other methods.
4. Breakage problem. The use of high quality original film will largely solve the problem of fragmentation. In addition, in the process of processing to skillfully use the adjusting prepress, uniform pressure, is also an important factor.

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