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Polishing method of fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-21 10:00:00

In the process of customized fire resistant glass processing, burr, lines, scratches and other situations are often happened, how to deal with these details reflect the manufacturer's attention to details, reflect the quality of the product, and whether the product is worth choosing. In the industry, if the fire resistant glass has the above defects, it is usually refined by polishing method. Polishing can be done by physical or chemical methods, which generally include the following:

Method: Use polishing powder

Before polishing the fire resistant glass polishing part of the sand belt grinding, if the flat surface can be applied to more than 400 mesh emery grinding disc grinding. Then using polishing powder on the surface of the glass for high speed friction to remove scratches, wiping phenomenon. This method can provide light transmittance and refraction effect of glass to a large extent.

Method 2: Using Fire polishing

The fire polishing method is suitable for sodium-calcium glass and high borosilicate glass. Part of the fire resistant glass is also suitable. Fire polishing uses the flame to soften the glass surface and the impact effect of fire on the glass, which can solve some fine lines on the surface of fire resistant glass. Its disadvantage is that the flatness of the glass surface after treatment will decrease. This method is especially suitable for hollow glass after cutting the mouth of the rough part. Fire polishing is not omnipotent, if not properly operated, will cause the glass burst.

Method 3: Using an Acid Polish
This method takes advantage of the corrosive action of acid. The glass is also polished with a sand belt before the acid is used, and then polished with a special acid. This method needs to configure different acids according to different glass materials, professional strong, non-professionals and equipment is not complete, it is recommended not to use. Acid polishing can reduce the thickness of the glass a lot, smoothness is not easy to control, the diamond corner of the glass will have a certain loss. Acid polishing is widely used and can be applied to many glasses, but the polishing effect is uncertain.

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