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LOW E glass process

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Update time : 2022-11-30 11:00:00

LOW E glass is coated on the surface of glass, and is made when the emissivity of glass E decreases from 0.84 to 0.15.

LOW E glass belongs to energy saving glass, the key is his layer of LOW E film, LOW E film layer is plated with silver layer, silver can reflect more than 98% of the far infrared thermal radiation, so as to reflect the heat directly like a mirror to reflect light. The shading factor Sc of LOW E can range from 0.2 to 0.7, so that the direct solar radiation energy into the room can be regulated according to the need. For UV rays, LOW E glass can reduce UV rays by 25% compared with ordinary single clear glass. Compared with thermal reflection coated glass, LOW E glass can reduce UV by 14%.

Low E glass coating process:

On - line coating and vacuum magnetron sputtering coating. On-line coated glass is manufactured in float glass production line. This kind of glass has single variety, poor thermal reflectivity and low manufacturing cost. Its advantage is that it can be processed by hot bending. The off-line coated glass has abundant varieties, excellent thermal reflection and obvious energy saving characteristics. Its disadvantage is not hot bending processing.

How Low E glass works:

In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor, far infrared heat radiation mainly from the indoor, LOW E glass can reflect it back to the indoor so as to keep the indoor heat. For part of the solar radiation from the outside, LOW E glass can still allow it to enter the room, and this part of energy is absorbed by indoor objects and then converted into far infrared thermal radiation and left in the room.
In summer, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor, and the far-infrared thermal radiation mainly comes from the outdoor, which can be reflected out by the glass to prevent the heat from entering the indoor. For outdoor solar radiation, LOW E glass with low shading coefficient can be selected to limit its entry into the room, so as to reduce the cost of fixed consumption.

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