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Superiority and application of anti-reflective glass

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Update time : 2022-11-29 16:00:00

Anti-reflective glass is a kind of glass with high transmittance and low reflectivity after special processing on the glass surface. By single or double-sided processing of high quality glass, anti-reflective glass can reach 99% at a certain peak.

Compared with ordinary glass, anti-reflective glass has lower reflectance, which can reduce the reflectance of light to less than 1%. In the visible range of ordinary glass, its unilateral reflectance is about 4%, and the total spectral reflectance is about 8%.

The advantages of anti-reflection glass:

1. The peak of visible light transmittance can reach 99%, and the average visible light transmittance is more than 95%, which greatly improves the original brightness of LCD and PDP, reduces energy consumption and saves energy.

2. The average reflectance is lower than 4%, the lower value is less than 0.5%, can effectively weaken the picture due to strong light caused by white, unable to see the shortcomings of the picture, present clear image quality, give people visual enjoyment.

3. Anti-reflective glass can truly reflect things, low reflectivity makes the color more gorgeous, more intense contrast, scenery more clear.

4. With anti-ultraviolet characteristics, ultraviolet spectral region transmittance is greatly reduced, can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes, effectively protect the eyes.

Anti-reflective glass main application:

At the beginning of its application, anti-reflective glass was mainly used to make optical lenses for cameras and microscopes, and its application range was relatively narrow. With the development of technology, reduced reflection glass is widely used in museum display case glass, picture frame glass, high-end window glass, airport tower glass, scenic spot glass and other areas that need to eliminate glass anti-dazzling light requirements.
Anti-reflective glass has a high hardness, which can not only protect the internal display of items, but also clearly observe the external image presented by the glass, high fidelity, clear and real, to create a good sensory image.

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