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Manufacturers need to pay attention to the mold-proof treatment of plate glass

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Update time : 2022-12-13 11:00:00

The harm of plate glass, especially float glass, abrasion, mildew and paper printing to the transportation, storage, sales and after-sales service of glass is obvious to all. It is often due to the neglect of strict packaging and pay high compensation, or thus greatly affect the reputation of the manufacturer, lose the rare market share, so that the enterprise should bear the undeserved losses.

Due to the differences in packaging management in the industry at present, the production of mildew proof paper factories are not fixed, the quality is not guaranteed, so that some good quality mildew proof paper can not be promoted and applied. On the contrary, some recycled paper or recycled paper, ordinary wrapping paper and do not spray any agent of inferior paper flooded the market, there is no testing mildew, there is no strict production in accordance with the standards and so on, but because of the low cost, easy to produce, the price is relatively low, easy to be accepted by some glass manufacturers. True mildew proof paper of better quality is often rejected by some plate glass manufacturers because of its high cost.

In fact, some small paper factories know little about the principle of moldy plate glass, whether the mildew proof paper they produce is sprayed with water, what ingredients are the synthesis of the potion, whether there is a strict formula, whether there is artificial acceleration experiment, PH value and other laboratory means, people do not know at all, of course, few consider the fiber arrangement of paper in the glass liner, the vertical and horizontal tension of paper and other factors.

In fact, these small paper mills are non-standard production, not certified by the relevant departments of the manufacturers, just the use of marketing means, drill the market is not standardized. Therefore, we think that the standard production and application of plate glass mildew proof paper is an important work in the glass packaging work, which is worth our further awareness and ideological attention.

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