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Product characteristics and classification of heat-resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-12-27 11:00:00

Heat-resistant glass, also known as high temperature glass, is a special glass refined by special physical or chemical methods that can work safely at a certain high temperature and can resist hot and cold impact. High temperature glass has the characteristics of high transparency, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties and so on. It is an indispensable key component of industrial automatic production line. It is widely used in pressure vessel manufacturers, steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, military, lamps and other industries.

Heat-resistant temperature is generally divided into: 300℃, 500℃, 860℃, 1200℃, 1500℃, etc

Heat resistant stability: 180℃, 300℃, 700℃, 1200℃, etc.

Heat-resistant glass series includes the following six aspects:

1. Heat-resistant glass, high temperature and high pressure resistant glass, pressure vessel mirror glass, pipeline mirror glass, boiler special heat-resistant glass.

2. Fireplace special heat-resistant glass, wave welding equipment special high temperature resistant glass, oven special high temperature resistant glass, fire hole special high temperature resistant glass.

3. Acid and alkali resistant glass for chemical pipeline, ultra-high temperature resistant glass for thermal power plant steel plant, heat-resistant glass for electrolytic aluminum plant, explosion-proof high temperature glass.

4. Anti-radiation glass, UV glass, UV glass, infrared glass, infrared glass, laser protective glass and other optical glass.

5. Printing and dyeing equipment special glass, buried lamp glass, all kinds of lamp glass, mine explosion-proof glass, high temperature glass tube, high temperature resistant mirror.

6. Non-destructive testing, medical testing, all kinds of physical and chemical inspection of special optical glass, welding protective glass.

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