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Methods of acceptance and storage of quartz glass

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Update time : 2022-12-27 16:00:00

Quartz glass has higher mechanical properties than ordinary glass and excellent electrical insulation. Also has very low coefficient of thermal expansion and high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability, the best ultraviolet spectrum and visible light and near infrared spectrum performance. It needs to be paid attention to avoid damage during transportation, acceptance of goods should also be paid attention to when trading, and storage of products.

Quartz glass acceptance and storage methods, acceptance rules:

1. The manufacturer must check the quality of the products delivered to the factory in accordance with the standards of the ministry and the requirements of the ordering unit.

2. All kinds of quartz glass products should be accompanied by product certificate and product instruction manual when leaving the factory. The certificate shall contain the main chemical composition of the product, the performance index and the signature of the inspector, indicate the date of production, and print the name of the manufacturer or the code of the manufacturer.

3. High purity coated quartz glass products should be accompanied by product coating weight when leaving the factory.

4. Each low expansion quartz glass tube shall be analyzed for titanium dioxide content and have a product number.

5. The ordering unit expressly reserves the right to sample test the product quality according to the standard of quartz Glass Department and the agreement approved by both parties. In case of non-conformity with the part standard and order agreement, double samples should be taken for repeated inspection. The time in dispute may be submitted to the arbitration department for appraisal. If it still does not meet the product standard and order agreement, it will be treated as unqualified. No return if quality problem is found half a year after receiving the goods.

Storage method:

1. Products should be kept in indoor warehouses, stored on wooden brackets or wooden boards to prevent moisture. The storage place must be kept dry and clean. Products as far as possible do not overlap, prevent pressure damage. Products shall be stored in classification according to grade, specification and variety to prevent mixing.

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