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Quality control points of hollow glass

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Update time : 2023-01-03 14:00:00

Hollow glass has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect, which is widely used in various construction industries. The production of insulating glass has gradually developed into semi-automatic or automatic production from the early manual production, and the production capacity, technical level and quality level have made great progress. In the production of hollow glass, it is necessary to strictly control the input of its non-channel process, so as to ensure that the quality of the insulating glass produced is qualified.

The production and processing of hollow glass mainly rely on material and process control to achieve the purpose of producing qualified products. The original piece, spacer, a butyl adhesive, desiccant and two structural adhesive are the main materials of insulating glass in general, and the quality of the materials should be tested before production.

If the production process is followed, each process point has its corresponding quality control point, and each quality control point also reflects the operation of the hollow equipment. Therefore, as long as these quality control points are strictly checked, high-quality hollow glass can be produced.

1. Remove the film deeply

2. Wash and dry

3. Quality inspection review

4. Space frame production

5. Spacer filling and drying machine

6. Apply butyl adhesive

7. Top the box

8. Combine slices

9. Banding
Only in the process of strict and effective control of each quality point, do a good job in site management and supervision. And in accordance with the normal process of correct operation, can reduce the quality control risk and cost in all aspects, the production of high quality hollow glass products, so as to satisfy customers. The ingredients of the above process flow, it is recommended that we must use the products of regular manufacturers, such as aluminum strips and sealant products, which seriously restrict the quality and level of insulating glass products. Strict and regular factories can bring better quality and service.

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