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Types of patterned glass and places of use

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Update time : 2023-01-03 18:00:00

Patterned glass is a kind of glass with various patterns, the popular point is to add "Mosaic" glass. Embossed glass has the characteristics of high strength and good decorative effect, and is often used in interior decoration and office space.

Patterned glass is a flat glass made by calendering method. Before the glass is hardened, embossed glass with one or both sides of the glass is made by embossed glass with one or both sides of the pattern.

The surface of patterned glass has a variety of different patterns, because the surface is not uniform, so the light through the diffuse reflection, so from one side of the glass to see the other side of the object, the image will be blurred, forming the transmission of this kind of glass is not perspective characteristics. In addition, embossed glass also has a good art deco effect because it has various patterns such as squares, polka dots, diamonds and stripes on its surface, which are very beautiful.

Patterned glass common patterns have Yuhua, crabapple flowers, gold wire, ice flowers, tangram, squares, wood grain, water ripples, diamond flowers and so on, each has a unique pattern, looks like a blur filter, especially through the window to see, everything is beautiful like a color.

As the name suggests, water ripples are like the lines of water. They flow randomly without any regularity at all. Because the lines are so like the lines of water, when you make Windows with corrugated glass, you will magically find that it seems to be raining all the time outside. The texture of the water ripple is dense, so the shading is still very good, and it is easy to give a misty texture.
Changhong glass is actually a kind of vertical glass also belongs to a patterned glass, in all kinds of modern home decoration style is a common one. It can not only play the role of half shielding, but also maintain the permeability of the space. More importantly, the appearance level is very high, often installed in the kitchen, guest dining room, toilet wet and dry separation partition, glass sliding door, furniture decoration cabinet door, etc.

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