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Quality requirements relating to the original sheet float glass of fireproof glass

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Update time : 2022-11-17 09:53:14

The selection of fireproof glass float glass and whether the fireproof glass processing technology is advanced determines the fire resistance, hardness and strength of fireproof glass. Therefore, the selection of high quality float glass is one of the main factors to create high quality fireproof glass. Float glass whether high quality to understand its processing and manufacturing raw materials and processes.

Float glass flatness is better, no water ripples. The following to understand the quality requirements of high quality float glass:

1. Combination of raw materials

The main raw material of float glass is sodium-calcium glass. The raw materials are mixed proportionally and recycled glass particles are added as needed. These ingredients are ready for the next step of fusion.

2. Fusion of raw materials

The prepared raw materials are thoroughly mixed into a mixing chamber, and then heated in a kiln in 5 chambers to 1550 degrees Celsius to become glass slurry.

3. Tin bed forming

The hot glass molten slurry then flows into the tin bed and floats on the tin slurry, where the temperature drops to 1000℃. The glass slurry on the tin bed forms a glass band with a thickness between 3MM and 19MM. Due to the increased viscosity difference between glass and tin, the two are mixed, the glass floats on the surface and will not be mixed with the tin slurry below, forming a good flat contact surface.

4. Cool the glass slurry

Next comes the glass annealing process. The glass strip leaves the tin bed at a temperature of 600℃, and is then sent to the annealing chamber or cooling furnace (kiln). When the temperature drops to 50°C, it is taken out for the next test.

5. Quality inspection and storage

Part of the glass will produce self-explosion phenomenon, glass before leaving the factory to go through a number of stages of quality inspection, can be cut into the right size after the factory. It is then stored or transported.

Float glass production line is capital intensive, the processing equipment used is high cost, the float glass processed out of good flatness, high transparency, is the ideal glass material for most of the deep processing glass.

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