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Modern new partition of all steel fire resistant glass partition

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Update time : 2022-11-17 14:00:00

Steel fire resistant glass partition as the name suggests is the overall use of steel frame, and with fireproof glass, sealing materials, plated embedded structure to create a new generation of partition with beautiful and fashionable characteristics. Before the all-steel fireproof glass partition, there are aluminum alloy glass partition and steel aluminum combined glass partition.

In recent years, all steel fire resistant glass partition is gradually welcomed by everyone, because of its unique material can meet the requirements of fire resistance and heat insulation, widely used in non-load-bearing wall partition.

All-steel fire resistant glass partition has the following advantages:

1. Heavy star light but high intensity. New steel fire resistant glass partition structure is more scientific and reasonable, light weight. The high strength of the steel itself and the reasonable structure, improve the overall strength, strong anti-aging, can be calculated with the building almost the same life (roughly 50 years).

2. Good fire resistance. When single piece of fire resistant glass or double-sided toughened glass is used, fireproof film is added in the middle of the glass, and the fireproof performance is good. The joints are made of non-combustible sealing materials, a full range of fire and smoke insulation, but also can achieve the role of sound insulation.

3. Good weather resistance. Single piece of fire resistant glass has better weather resistance than composite fireproof glass, long-term use of no color, no yellow, no foaming, beautiful appearance, good permeability.

4. Customize the color. The color of steel can be selected according to the demand, and the color of fire resistant glass can also be customized to achieve customization and individuation, in line with the architectural style.

5. Green environmental protection, energy saving. At the same time in its production and processing in a series of processes, the device is simple, will not produce dust, noise and other pollutants.

Scope of Application:

All-steel fire resistant glass is mainly used for indoor fireproof partition of large space: office buildings, factories, hotels and other public buildings; All kinds of building insulation and decoration works; High-rise building bedroom, kitchen, toilet separation, etc.
It is worth noting that all steel fire resistant glass partition is not suitable for the use of composite fireproof glass, because its weight is too large and poor weather resistance.

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