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Temperature is the key factor affecting the quality of heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-11-15 11:00:00

In order to obtain high quality heat bending glass, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of factors such as scientific bending calculation of initial design and temperature control during processing. We often hear the phenomenon of self-explosion of hot-bent glass, which is caused by poor processing.

Heat bending glass can be roughly divided into three categories: single hot bending, bending and compound hot bending. Single hot bend is the simpler hot bend glass. More complicated is the bending of glass. Daily contact with the aquarium glass, spherical glass, curved arch corridor, hot curved washbasin, counter glass and so on.

Although bending heat bending glass is more common, it requires a higher technical level in the production process, which requires the production of accurate mold and the use of professional hot bending furnace for processing. The technical difficulty lies in the linear edge bending and the appearance of mold marks at the corner. Heat bending glass manufacturers will develop strict hot bending glass operation process, attach importance to the quality of hot bending glass, improve the compatibility of double and multi-layer hot bending, reduce the pitting defects on the glass surface, improve the finish and transparency of products, so that products meet the standard requirements.
The temperature control of hot bending furnace is the key of heat bending glass production. The faster the temperature rise of the hot bending furnace, the less heat storage of the furnace body, the less energy consumption, but also reduce the cooling time, improve efficiency. The improvement of efficiency naturally requires the proper power configuration of the hot bending furnace, the reasonable arrangement of the heating element, the uniform temperature control, the glass plate does not burst as the premise. The manufacturer will study the influence of equipment and temperature control on the glass rheology, control the glass rheology well, so as to improve the quality of hot-bending glass.

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