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The cause of film loss in coated glass

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Update time : 2022-10-18 09:57:50

Coated glass, also known as reflective glass, is coated on the surface of the glass with a layer or layers of metal, alloy or metal compound film, in order to change the glass reflectance, conductivity and other properties. According to the different properties of the products, coated glass can be divided into thermal reflection glass, low radiation glass, conductive film glass, etc. But there will also be coated glass will appear film phenomenon, the main reasons are as follows:

1. Production: Because of the coating process, there may be some needle-like film dropping in the production, also known as needle eye, which is unavoidable in the sputtering coating process itself. In addition, due to the coating of the original film itself or equipment cleaning, it is also possible to cause film loss.

2. Transport off the film: because of the glass after unpacking or cutting, not according to the requirements of the glass sheet and the pad between any liner or pad is not uneven, resulting in direct contact between the glass, in the process of handling or transportation caused by the glass and glass film surface direct relative friction, resulting in film off. This film is generally puncta or clump-like film, can be felt or examined by hand or inspection equipment friction marks.

3. Corrosive film: because of coated glass film surface in cutting stacking, construction use or cleaning, because of the cross construction or use of the incorrect method, the glass film surface contact with acid and alkali or oxidizing substances, resulting in glass film surface pollution corrosion and film. This film can generally be found on the surface of the film or the site of the residual traces of corrosive substances.

4. Installation and cleaning: in the coated glass gluing or installation, human reasons caused by scratches or bruises of hard objects; In the cleaning, the use of unclean or hard wipe, or in the glass film surface cement mortar and other contaminants, and the use of incorrect cleaning methods.

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