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Material selection of silk screen glass

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Update time : 2022-10-18 14:00:00

Glass is widely used in our life. There are many kinds of glass, and its performance and material characteristics are not the same. Silk screen glass needs screen printing in the production process, glass screen printing materials also need to be carefully selected, only from the selection of materials, step by step rigorous, and finally can produce excellent products.

First according to user requirements to cut the glass, can be regular shape, can also be irregular shape, and then chamfer grinding, and then clean, dry until ready to use. Special care should be taken that there should be no traces of water on the glass surface.

The screen plate for glass printing is the same as the ordinary screen plate. Silk screen glass is generally used synthetic fiber screen, stainless steel screen, natural fiber screen. When printing general color, the screen can be, generally choose cheap synthetic fiber screen. As a gold and silver decoration, can not choose stainless steel screen, screen specifications are generally 270 ~ 300mm.

At present, the more normal, small deformation of the mesh frame is aluminum alloy mesh frame, its size should be larger than the pattern, the specific size should be the outer edge of the pattern from the mesh frame should be between 70 and 100mm. In addition to the selection of mesh frame, its strength is very important, the key is that the horizontal direction of the rigid enough.

Selected the screen and the screen frame, the combination of the two, this is the stretch net. There are many ways to stretch the net, which can be used manually, motorized and pneumatic. At present, the most advanced one, which can stretch the high quality screen, is the pneumatic stretch net machine. The requirements of the stretch network is uniform tension, the net longitude and latitude line to maintain vertical, glue to firmly, can not relax. In this way, after layers of selected materials, the production of silk screen glass is high quality.

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