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The cause of spots or markings in coated glass

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Update time : 2022-12-14 11:00:00

From the non-coated surface, it can be observed that there are irregular black speckled or speckled surface defects on the coated glass. Generally there are mildew, paper, suction cup printing, tin and watermarking and other phenomena.

There are more spots or markings on the coated glass. The main reason is that the original glass has defects before the coating, or it is caused by improper storage and use after the glass coating.

1. Production: Generally speaking, the production process of coated glass itself will not produce these defects, mainly in the quality of the original film. Such as the original film is not fresh appearance of mold and paper prints; The original film brought by the suction cup and tin, etc.; Watermarking caused by bad cleaning of tempered or semi-tempered glass; As well as the original film itself is polluted, which may cause spots or markings defects of coated glass products.

2. Storage and construction installation: because the coated glass is placed in a humid and unventilated environment for a long time, or placed outdoors under the sun and rain, the glass may also be moldy or metamorphic and appear spots or markings.

3. Film pollution: due to improper installation, construction and cleaning, it may also cause local pollution to the glass and make the glass appear spots or markings. In addition, there is another reason, because the glass is not cleaned in time, resulting in dust and soot and other stolen goods attached to the glass surface for a long time, and eventually due to cleaning can not be removed and appear spots or markings of pollution.
In order to make the surface of the coated glass without spots or markings such defects, it is necessary to start from the selection of the original piece, carefully select, ensure the quality, in accordance with the storage regulations of the coated glass, placed, to clean regularly, but also in accordance with the cleaning regulations. Only step by step, careful treatment, can reduce the coated glass spots or markings of the probability.

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