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The difference and problem between intelligent dimming glass and dimming film

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Update time : 2023-03-23 16:00:00

Smart dimming glass or dimming film? The difference between intelligent dimming glass and dimming film.

1. Pay special attention to application situations

Intelligent dimming glass is in the form of laminated glass, high compressive strength and strength, low risk of destruction by human factors, application scenarios are very common, company office, hotel restaurant and other decoration partition or window doors can be applied. And self-adhesive dimming film is more expensive than intelligent dimming glass, it is in the way of glass film, application to prevent hard blocks, sharp scratches. Therefore, self-sticking dimming film proposed in the relative open natural environment, so that we are not easy to unlock the glass film due to curiosity. If used in the hotel restaurant, customers in the private room will be due to curiosity to uncover the dimming film, and the hotel restaurant moved into the staff complex, small predictability, so it is better to use intelligent dimming glass.

2. Pick a reliable dealer
Some manufacturers can produce and manufacture self-glass film, some manufacturers only produce and manufacture intelligent dimming glass, and can produce and manufacture intelligent dimming glass manufacturers may not be able to produce and manufacture self-glass film. The production and manufacture of intelligent dimming glass manufacturers are very many, but the production and manufacture of glass film manufacturers are less, so it can be seen that the production and manufacture of glass film on the technical regulations are higher. When purchasing, we should understand to identify whether the manufacturer has excellent technical strength to ensure the smooth characteristics of the product and ensure after-sales service. Installation of intelligent dimming glass will not be easy to appear what problems, but the glass film is much more complex, if not posted before, then the beginning of the paste is basically unlikely, light cause bubble, heavy damage to the glass film. In the encounter do not understand the problem before, do not deal with themselves, must ask the dealer, when necessary, let the dealer to the spot of the actual operation.

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