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Choose the glass type of glass for furniture

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Update time : 2023-03-24 11:00:00

Nowadays, the application field of glass is relatively wide, and one kind of glass can be used in many places. For example, glass for furniture is widely used in daily life, with rich varieties, colors and styles.

Generally speaking, the technical standards required for glass for furniture are very strict. Furniture glass will generally use high hardness toughened glass and metal frame collocation, the hardness and transparency of glass will be 4-5 times higher than ordinary glass, need to withstand the strength of collision and pressure, so in the end need to choose the kind of glass can be suitable for glass for furniture?

Types of glass for furniture

Tempered glass: Because the strength and hardness of tempered glass will be 3-5 times stronger than ordinary glass, the external force and resistance will be relatively strong, the glass will not be easy to hurt people after breaking.

Tinted glass: Because tinted glass contains metal oxides. They show a variety of colors.

Curved glass: Because of the special shape and appearance of some furniture, the curved glass is needed.

Glass mirror: Made of glass plate with a non-corrugated surface, suitable for furniture cabinet back mirror.

There are some glass for furniture is frosted glass, atomized glass, intelligent dimming glass, wire glass, laminated glass, metal glass and hollow glass can be used as furniture glass.
How do you choose the types of glass for the above furniture? Each type of glass for furniture will be used on different furniture, depending on which furniture you use to customize the type of glass you need.

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