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The difference between fire resistant glass and fire resistant glass partition

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Update time : 2023-04-18 09:29:43

Although fire resistant glass has begun to be widely used in buildings, there are still many blind spots in practical application such as how to correctly use fire resistant glass, which type of fireproof glass to use and which parts can use fireproof glass.

At the same time, many construction units, design units, construction units there is understanding and use misunderstanding, that as long as the use of fire resistant glass can be used as a fireproof partition, as long as the fireproof glass made of the partition can reach the fire limit requirements, the relevant personnel in the drawing review and acceptance inspection there is a lot of vague understanding, do not know how to grasp.

Although fire resistant glass has a long history of use, but in the practical application and supervision, there are still some problems that can not be ignored, fireproof glass and fireproof glass partition.

Some buildings in the design need both fire separation and beautiful and transparent, will be fire resistant glass partition as fire separation measures to solve, such as the performance of the commercial pedestrian street in the boutique partition, glass firewall in the large commercial space, viewing shaft of the picture window. However, designers are often marked on the map as fire resistant glass, rather than fireproof glass partition, and fire audit personnel will generally only put forward to mark a few hours of fireproof glass partition, did not require the design personnel will be fireproof glass partition detailed node construction practice drawing to explain. In actual construction, the common practice is to purchase fireproof glass according to the design requirements in accordance with the common glass partition practice fire resistant glass fixed in the frame, glass joint injection glass glue, simply think that fireproof glass splicing together is fireproof glass partition, that this meets the fire requirements, the acceptance of fireproof glass test report can be submitted.
All of these ignore that the fire resistant glass partition wall is composed of fireproof glass, frame, sealing material, pad and other fireproof components, which is a complete system. Fireproof glass is only a component of fireproof glass partition wall, must be combined with Mosaic frame and fireproof sealing material installation, in order to form a fireproof glass partition, to achieve the corresponding fire limit standards of the specification.

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