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Precautions in installing fire resistant glass Windows

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Update time : 2023-04-14 09:03:36

In the installation of fire resistant glass Windows also need to pay great attention to, in the installation should pay attention to the following points, can avoid rework because of the problems generated in the installation.

1. Check the fire resistant glass window before installing it. If it is because in the process of glass transportation and storage, inadvertently lead to the window frame, window fan warping, deformation, glass damage, should be repaired before installation.

2. There is also a point to note that when installing fire resistant glass Windows, it is necessary to use a level to level or use the hanging line method to correct the perpendicality before and after. The horizontal direction or vertical direction should be very standard, so that the horizontal, vertical and height are the same.

3. When installing fire resistant glass Windows, the window frame must be integrated with the building and connected with the wall by wood or iron pieces. After the steel window frame is installed, cement mortar must be poured between the window frame and the wall, and maintenance for more than 24 hours before normal use. We must ensure that the window frame and the wall should be sealed with cement, otherwise it is easy to shake, affecting the quality of the fire window after installation.

4. When installing fire Windows, we should first check the quality of fire Windows, whether there is damage, deformation and so on, and then check whether the accessories are enough. Composite fire resistant glass manufacturers emphasize that the location of the installation hole of hardware accessories should be accurate, so that the hardware accessories can be installed smoothly and firmly to meet the requirements of use.
5. When installing fire resistant glass, leave seams on the four sides evenly. After positioning, fill gaps on the four sides with fireproof cotton, and then seal the edge strip.

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