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The difference between the function of heat bending glass and bent steel glass

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Update time : 2022-11-03 10:00:00

Heat bending glass is a kind of architectural decorative glass with various shapes and broad customizable dimensions. Bending steel glass is not as diverse as thermal bending glass. Bending steel glass is only suitable for bending arc with radius over 1500mm, and not all sizes can be used for bending steel.

Heat bending glass processing mainly uses the hot bending furnace, and most have adopted computer integrated control system of the electric heating type hot bending furnace, by setting various parameters can realize the procedure of hot bending process, convenient and accurate temperature control, convenient operation, one-time add a piece of glass, not pollution glass, high product quality and consistency.

Curved glass steel production to have specific mould first, and then through high temperature equipment glass processing to the softening point, will soften after rapid air cooling uniformity of glass into the mould forming, steel processing at the same time, the surface of the glass forming uniform compressive stress, tensile stress is formed within, thus effectively improve glass hardness, strength, bending capacity, shock resistance, etc.

Hot bent glass and bent steel glass are widely used in architectural decoration. What is the difference between the performance of the two?

1. The strength and hardness of the two are different. Bending steel glass through toughening treatment, and the heat bending glass is equivalent to ordinary glass, so the strength of bending steel glass is 4 times of hot bending glass, glass broken into uniform, no splitting mouth honeycomb small particles, good safety.

2. The bending and impact resistance of the two are different. The impact strength of the same thickness bending steel glass is 3~5 times of the heat bending glass, bending strength is 3~5 times of the hot bending glass.

3. The thermal stability of the two is different. Bending steel glass has better thermal stability, can withstand the temperature change of about 200℃, temperature tolerance is 2~3 times of heat bending glass. Bending steel glass is tempered glass, there is a certain rate of self - explosion. And the hot bending glass does not exist the possibility of self-explosion.

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