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The function of wired glass

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Update time : 2022-11-02 14:00:00

Compared with ordinary glass, wired glass has improved strength and improved the original brittle and brittle properties. When damaged, due to the pulling effect of the metal wire, the glass will not be broken, but not broken, and will not collapse collectively. Being able to connect the proper collective, which makes it certain quiet, fireproof and shockproof. Because when the wired glass is broken, although the glass is broken, the phenomenon of shards splashing rarely occurs, which avoids damage to people, and can be used for skylights, roofs, indoor barriers and other materials that can easily cause glass shards to hurt people. occasion.

1. Fire resistance: Although the wire clip explosion-proof glass is broken, the wire mesh can also support the debris, and it is difficult to collapse and break. Although at the moment of flame penetration, can also block the flame and spark invasion, there is a guard from the opening to disperse the results of burning.

2. Quietness: wire clip explosion-proof glass can prevent debris flying. Although the glass is broken by earthquake, hurricane, impact and so on, the debris will not fly away, will not form debris fly away and hurt people.

3. Explosion-proof glass: it also has anti-theft property, ordinary glass is simply broken, and anti-riot glass is broken, although the glass is broken, there are still metal mesh in effect, so anti-riot glass has a certain anti-theft property.

Wired glass can be used in many places, mainly used for the fire extension of the structure of the opening. Roof, skylight, balcony and other parts, to avoid broken glass debris falling injury. There are fire partition, smoke wall. Where quiet matters such as riot control and violence are required.

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