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The main equipment of heat bending glass processing

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Update time : 2022-11-14 14:00:00

Heat bending glass, as a common glass in modern construction, is indispensable. Hot-bent glass can be customized into a variety of shapes, in which hot-bent furnace plays an important role. The processing difficulty of hot bending glass is different, which needs different hot bending furnaces to achieve, hot bending furnaces are usually divided into: single chamber furnace, circulating hot bending furnace, reciprocating hot bending furnace.

Heat bending glass single-chamber furnace: this is a more common type of hot-bent furnace, which is divided into two types: drawer type and lift type. The single-chamber furnace only needs one station when working, and the glass from heating, hot bending to annealing process only needs this station. Single chamber furnace is economical to process small batch and many specifications of hot bent glass. The single-chamber furnace has the advantages of single production, easy structure, good sealing and relatively low energy consumption. The disadvantage is long cycle and low efficiency.

Heat bending glass circulating hot bending furnace: in the production of the general up and down cycle, its purpose is to reduce the area of the hot bending furnace is divided into preheating 1 area, preheating 2 area, hot bending area, annealing area, the following part is usually cooling annealing area. The different zones are made up of separate kiln cars. The single piece of glass enters from the product discharge area, then rises to the upper part of the hot bending furnace, pushes the kiln car into it, heats the glass in the preheating zone and enters the hot bending zone, and then returns to the cooling zone for annealing.
Heat bending glass reciprocating hot bending furnace: This kind of hot bending furnace is more complex and can be configured with 5 stations and 3 stations. The working mode is to heat the glass to about 400 degrees Celsius in the preheating zone, enter the hot bending area, the hot bending glass molding slowly cooled to about 300 degrees Celsius and then placed in the loading and unloading area. The working continuity of reciprocating hot bending furnace is strong, can adapt to batch processing, short cycle, but the sealing is not as good as that of single chamber furnace.

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