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Points of attention in fire resistant glass transportation

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Update time : 2022-11-14 10:00:00

The role of fire resistant glass is in the building fire, can play between 0.5h~3h fire time, this period of time for the building personnel to provide reaction and escape time, but also for the fire department rescue time, is an effective way to reduce casualties and property.

Fire resistant glass is a fine product, before leaving the factory to go through a strict qualification inspection, in the process of transportation there are specific standards:

1. Fire resistant glass generally use wooden cases for transportation, before packing each piece can use plastic bags or coated packaging, can avoid the transit of fireproof glass caused by scratches, affect the use of.

2. In the loading process, the wooden box should be placed flat or vertical, in the same direction as the vehicle transportation, to remove the hard objects around, and the vertical plane into 5-100 incline, the wooden box with the truck fixed firmly with rope, to avoid shaking in transit, crash the glass.

3. If the transportation is transparent wire fire resistant glass, in the production and preservation should be put in a dry, cool place, to avoid rain erosion, erosion is easy to rust.

4. Different fire resistant glass for long-distance transportation, should avoid high temperature exposure, rain erosion, to prevent the glass in the packaging box because of water caused by glass edge discoloration, affecting the beauty and quality of the glass.

5. In the process of transportation, metal frame items can not be in direct contact with fire resistant glass, such as fireproof glass doors of this kind of finished products, the interior should be filled with high-quality fireproof or sealing materials, can be directly transported.

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